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Restored Fisher X101-B Tube Integrated Amplifier

Submitted by on November 27, 2010 – 7:56 pm

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Restored Fisher X101-B Tube Integrated Amplifier Picture and Description:

 194792606988263580 Restored Fisher X101 B Tube Integrated Amplifier

This is a Fisher X101-B integrated tube amplifier that I have restored. Comes with the original case. I restore vintage tube equipment for customers and occasionally offer a piece for sale. I have done about 50 pieces of tube audio gear and another 5 or 6 tube guitar amps in the past 5 years. I am Jim McShane's authorized installer/tech. Those of you familiar with Citation tube gear will have heard of him (http://pages.prodigy.net/jimmcshane). I'd like to keep this amp, but I can't keep them all! The Fisher X101-B is a push pull tube amp using 7591 output tubes and will produce about 25 - 30 watts/ch. This amplifier has been completely gone through. The entire power supply has been rebuilt and includes a very strong testing Mullard GZ34 rectifier (try finding one of these for under $50). I used very high quality F & T electrolytic caps (blue caps in photo), very good quality resistors. Plate load resistors were changed to low noise Dale 1% mil spec. All signal path capacitors were changed. I used a mix of Illinois and Matsushita caps that are very good in vintage gear. The four output tube coupling capacitors are Russian mil spec K40 paper in oil. Excellent sonically, they will last virtually forever. All tubes test strong, most are original, and the 4 output tubes are a brand new matched quad of EH 7591 sourced from Jim McShane. These sound wonderful and only have about 10 hours on them. They will continue to improve for another 40 or 50 hours. I also rebuilt the phono section by using discrete caps and resistors instead of those horrible, cheap PEC devices that came in many vintage amps. I used exactly the same values as the original circuit, so the original design is intact. The parts are just far better so the phono section if much cleaner and clearer, like removing a blanket from your speakers! Phono section sounds wonderful with my Shure V15, plenty of gain, no hum, cymbals sound like cymbals, vocals are great. All switches and pots were cleaned thoroughly, and everything works as it should. The only issue with this amp is that the volume pot has a very slight channel imbalance at the very bottom of its range. As soon as you turn it up enough to actually listen to music then the channels are perfectly balanced. I disclose this because I am an honest person and I want you to know. This is very, very common in old equipment. If the buyer wishes, I can try and source a new volume pot and install it for cost plus $25 labor. These pots are no longer made. There is one currently on ebay for $55 or so. Truthfully, the one in the amp will probably work for many years and the only way you would hear the effect is to have very efficient horn speakers (like me). Any normally efficient speaker and you won't even notice because by the time you have it loud enough to hear music through your speakers you are well past the spot on the pot with the imbalance. I can assure you that this amp sounds better than it did when it left the factory. The power supply caps, coupling caps, and phono section are much better, but the amp remains its vintage tone. I did not change the circuit at all, and all carbon resistors are maintained in the signal path, just as in the original. It is stunningly good driving my Klipsch Cornwalls and it continues to improve as the tubes and capacitors burn in. I added 10 ohm cathode resistors to each output tube to protect the transformers and allow for exact determination of bias current. The bias adjustment pot had a bad spot on it so I replaced it with a much better Clarostat pot of the same value from my stash. Fisher originally ran the output tubes very hot to extract the last watt from them. I have backed off the bias as much as practical. The amp retains its vintage sound, but the tubes should last much longer. These tubes are in current production, and run $79.50 a matched quad, so when the time comes you can easily get more, but this quad is brand new. There is also a new, modern 3 prong AC cord with proper grounding to the chassis. Amp is very quiet, there is almost no noise at all when the volume is at full with no signal, including the phono stage. The case is original and the new output tubes fit nicely with about a half inch of clearance. The top inset grill on the case was originally glued in. The glue has dried out and it can now be easily removed. I did not re-glue it as it is convenient to be able to pop it out to install cables or tubes. This amplifier sounds wonderful and should bring you many years of enjoyment. That said, it is a vintage amp and I did not change every wire. I will guarantee that it works as described when you get it and I will warrant it for 30 days. I take care of my customers. Should you ever have a problem with the amp I will repair it and only charge you for the cost of parts and shipping for as long as you own it. I only use very high quality parts. All knobs are originals. One brass insert was missing and I replaced it with a reproduction one - the good ones you see for sale here on ebay. Looks very good. You can see it on the bass control knob to the left of the headphone jack. Shipping will be via Canada Post. Shipping calculators are notoriously inaccurate, but will give you an estimate. Buyer will be charged only the exact cost of shipping. I never charge a "packing" or shipping fee. Amp will be securely boxed. I ship tube amps all the time. If you are outside of the US and Canada the shipping calculator will not give a good estimate, if at all. I checked and it would cost around $150 to ship a 40 lb box to Europe or Asia (slow) and $250 - $290 to ship via airmail, so you may not want to bid if you are outside of N. America. Please don't send me emails asking the shipping costs to Worldwide destinations. Just figure that it will be expensive! The calculator works reasonably well for US and Canada. It will be 40 - 50 lbs boxed. Reserve price is set at $400. Folks, the tubes alone are worth well over $150. It takes a good 15 hours to really go through an amp like this. That is a very fair reserve. Unlike many others, I show you pictures of the inside of the amp. I am proud of my work and have nothing to hide. Payment must be made within 48 hours of auction close. Paypal preferred. PLEASE WAIT FOR A CONTACT EMAIL FROM ME, DO NOT USE THE AUTOMATIC INVOICE GENERATED AT THE END OF THE AUCTION. The shipping cost cannot be finalized until I box the amp and know your address. Then I will send a final invoice. Good luck.

 194792606988263581 Restored Fisher X101 B Tube Integrated Amplifier
 194792606988263582 Restored Fisher X101 B Tube Integrated Amplifier
 194792606988263583 Restored Fisher X101 B Tube Integrated Amplifier