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Fisher X1000 X-1000 tube stereo amplifier EL34

Submitted by on May 13, 2010 – 7:07 pm

We find the most interesting Vintage Fisher. Here is the best deal we found for the Fisher X1000 X-1000 tube stereo amplifier EL34 for sale on the Internet.

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Fisher X1000 X-1000 tube stereo amplifier EL34 Picture and Description:

 89161105324222940 Fisher X1000 X 1000 tube stereo amplifier EL34

This was aquired from the original owner. It looks to be 100% original inside except for some of the tubes. The pictures are very clear and give you an excellent view of the cosmetic condition. The chassis has some oxidation but the faceplate is very nice! This has the rare original cabinet made for this particular amplifier. It was powered up slowly on a variac and I have listened to music through it. As to be expected, It sounds like an unrestored 50 year old amplifier, there is some low level hum etc. All of the functions appear to work. I used the aux in for a cd and nothing else. Some of the output tubes plates glow orange after it warms up. Even as is, it has very good output and you can really feel the impact of the bass in your chest. I used Dynaco A10 speakers to test it.. This is a very powerful tube amplifier and should work well with a wide range of speakers. +++NEWBIE ALERT+++ This was fishers flagship top of the line integrated tube amplifier and is very complicated. Please read and understand the disclaimer below! If you think you can buy this as a plug and play item you deserve all the trouble you get and what you won't get is a refund. This item needs to be restored. I strongly recommend a complete rebuild and not a "replaced as needed" once over. Once restored you will have something that is really great sounding that does it all, and is very hard to beat without spending big bucks. Any complaints about noise, hum or any issues associated with an unrestored 50 year old tube amp will fall on deaf ears. Sorry to belabor a point but I want to be very clear and upfront. PLEASE ASK ANY QUESTIONS BEFORE YOU BID NOT AFTER. A note on shipping. This WILL ship in two boxes. One box for the CABINET, FACEPLATE, KNOBS AND TUBES AND SCREWS AND BOLTS. The other box is for the amplifier. THERE IS NO WAY THIS CAN SHIP SAFELY IN ITS CABINET! The faceplate must be removed to get the amp in and out of its cabinet, that is how it was designed. UPS only. Shipping this across the country is going to cost over $100.00. I make no money from shipping! The calculator on this one is going to be way off. If you want shipping on the cheap then don't bid. I never want to hassle damage claims ever again. It weighs a ton. READ THE CONDITIONS OF SALE! (PLEASE EXCUSE MY RUDE SHOUTING) CONDITIONS OF SALE: SOLD AS IS. ALL SALES ARE FINAL. NO REFUNDS. THIS ITEM IS INTENDED TO BE SOLD TO THE KNOWLEDGEABLE COLLECTOR . TUBE ELECTRONICS CONTAIN LETHAL VOLTAGES. ALL UNRESTORED VINTAGE TUBE EQUIPMENT, INCLUDING THIS ONE!, MUST BE RESTORED TO FUNCTION AT FACTORY SPEC. OLD CAPACITORS AND DIODES DO NOT SOUND BETTER THAN NEW ONES! AND NOT REPLACING THEM IF NEEDED, RISKS WRECKING A TUBE OR TRANSFORMER. IF YOU DON'T KNOW HOW TO RESTORE THIS OR KNOW SOMEONE WHO CAN, AND YOU ARE EXPECTING PERFECTION, PATRONIZING CORPORATE STYLE CUSTOMER SERVICE WITH A WARRANTY /RETURN POLICY, THEN SHOP AT THE GUITAR CENTER. THIS ITEM IS ALMOST 50 YEARS OLD! THE BUYER MUST BE PAYPAL VERIFIED WITH A CONFIRMED ADDRESS! THE BUYER MUST SIGN FOR THE ITEM, NO EXCEPTIONS! I DO NOT SHIP TO P.O. BOXES! VERIFIED IS NOT THE SAME AS A CONFIRMED ADDRESS! ALL PAYPAL PAYMENTS FROM AN UNCONFIRMED ADDRESS ARE IMMEDIATLY REFUNDED AND THE ITEM IS NOT SHIPPED. GOT IT? BUYERS REMORSE IS NOT A VALID REASON TO ISSUE A CHARGEBACK NOR ARE MADE UP EXCUSES. THE BUYER AGREES TO PAY ANY AND ALL COLLECTION AND OTHER ASSOCIATED FEES IN THE EVENT OF A CHARGEBACK OR S.N.A.D. BUYERS REMORSE IS NOT A VALID REASON TO ISSUE A CHARGEBACK AND I WILL PURSUE A LEGAL REMEDY IF SUCH AN EVENT OCCURS LOCAL PICK-UP IS PREFFERED! CASH ONLY FOR PICK-UP! SORRY THERE IS NO PAYPAL SELLER PROTECTION FOR ITEMS PICKED-UP. YOU BID MEANS YOU BUY, NOT DECIDE WHEN YOU GET TO MY HOUSE PLEASE. I will be happy to demo the amp is as described if you pick-up, but I will NOT have an extended "audition session" This is an auction. NO OVERSEAS SHIPPING. THE SHIPPING COST IS APPROXIMATE ONLY! THE EBAY SHIPPING CALCULATOR IS ALWAYS ABOUT 25% LOW. I WILL EMAIL THE SHIPPING COST AFTER THE AUCTION BASED ON YOUR LOCATION. I ONLY CHARGE ACTUAL COST AND A FEW DOLLARS FOR THE BOX. THIS ITEM WILL SHIP BULLET PROOF! I KNOW HOW TO DO IT. IF YOU HAVE LESS THAN 20 FEEDBACK PLEASE EMAIL ME BEFORE YOU BID. SORRY, THERE ARE TOO MANY UNRELIABLE AND ILLIGITIMATE BIDDERS WITH VERY LOW FEEDBACK. IF YOU DO NOT AGREE WITH THE CONDITIONS OF SALE THEN DON'T BID PLEASE. GOOD LUCK!

 89161105324222941 Fisher X1000 X 1000 tube stereo amplifier EL34
 89161105324222942 Fisher X1000 X 1000 tube stereo amplifier EL34
 89161105324222943 Fisher X1000 X 1000 tube stereo amplifier EL34