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Fisher MC-3160 Stereo Receiver Cassette 8track record

Submitted by on November 30, 2010 – 3:56 pm

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Fisher MC-3160 Stereo Receiver Cassette 8track record Picture and Description:

 196452305572195320 Fisher MC 3160 Stereo Receiver Cassette 8track record

From my uncle who collected these units. This is fully functional except for the turntable but will need a decent cleaning. Here is what I know: No major scratches or dings in the aluminum face plate. Radio (AM and FM stereo) works but the tuning portion will need to be cleaned. Oh, I removed the red marks on the tuner. One lamp is out on the display.Cassette plays but will need a head/pinch roller cleaning and maybe a belt.8-Track plays but will too need a good cleaning.The knobs and switches will need cleaning.The turntable (BSR) platter is seized and won't turn freely.Factory magnetic cartridge w/ stylus. The dust cover is scuffed and will need cleaning/polishing.There is tape residue on the front right side.This unit sports both an 8-Track and cassette recorder. In it's day, it was a fine piece of sound equipment. I am not taking apart only b/c someone might want to restore this from a different perspective. Properly restored, will beat the stuffings off those new systems being offered today. AS IS applies here. Prefer local pickup but will ship if need be. Please ask for a quote. It is not packaged yet so the shipping calculator is just an estimate. It's heavy - at least 30lbs. Plus it will need careful packaging. Good luck!