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Fisher Allegro Compact Stereo Tube Console –refurbished

Submitted by on August 1, 2010 – 6:58 pm

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Fisher Allegro Compact Stereo Tube Console –refurbished Picture and Description:

 124581604634471410 Fisher Allegro Compact Stereo Tube Console –refurbished

Vintage 1960's Fisher Heritage Series "Allegro" stereo integrated tube amp, Garrard automatic record player, and detachable speakers in a beautiful modern Danish teak cabinet.  I purchased this from the original owner and have lovingly restored it.   Cosmetically, it is in very good condition overall.  The Fisher logo badges are missing.  There were also some minor blemishes on the finish, so I lightly sanded the top of the console, as well as the speakers and applied a fresh coat of linseed oil.  As the photos show, it looks great!  There is one area on top of the cabinet where some light ring stains remain (please see photo). For electrical restoration, I removed the amp and cleaned all of the controls, switches, and 12AX7 tube sockets with Caig Deoxit D5 contact cleaner spray.  I removed the tubes and tested them with my professionally-calibrated Hickok 539B tube tester.  The two Lorenz ELL80 power pentode output tubes (the amp is push-pull, because each ELL80 tube contains two power pentodes in one tube envelope) test at:  5500/5900; 5400/5500.  Minimum transconductance for a good ELL80 tube is 3300 umhos, so these test very strong and have output sections matched within 10% for excellent performance.  The three 12AX7 tubes are strong-testing vintage U.S. manufacture, with one Sylvania 12AX7 phono section tube and two RCA 12AX7 line stage/driver tubes.  The cartridge/stylus seems to be in good shape, based on the good sound quality when playing records. I also removed the turntable from the console, cleaned out the old hardened grease, relubed the changer mechanism with appropriate lubricants (Phonolube, light machine oil), and applied fresh bearing oil to the main platter bearing.  The platter rotates smoothly with no abnormal noises.  I also removed the platter and applied rubber revitalizer to the contact surface of the idler wheel and lubricated the motor drive shaft bearing.   Placing an LP onto the multi-play spindle (it does not come with a single play spindle), and pushing the auto function selector, the turntable operates properly, with the needle dropping gently into the lead-in groove, then returning to the armrest at the end of the record.  The turntable can also be operated manually.  The power cord is in like-new condition and still has the original Fisher inspection tag attached.  The console did not come with the tuner option.   Fisher rates the amp as 20 watts per channel IHF music power.  True RMS power output, though, is around 15 watts per channel into 8 ohms.  The speakers are detachable and come with two 17-foot speaker cables (with RCA jack connectors on each end) for wide placement of the speakers, if desired.  The amplifier controls include:  1) three-position function selector switch (phono, tuner, aux), 2) bass and treble  controls, 3) headphone jack, 4) speaker-mute switch. The Garrard 4-speed automatic turntable plays mono or stereo records automatically or manually.  The StereoPlex cartridge has a diamond stylus for LP records, and flips over to a 78 stylus.  Speakers are a two-way design, each with an 8-inch woofer and 2 ½-inch tweeter. Dimensions are 32 5/8" wide when closed, 65 1/4" wide when opened.  13 1/8" deep, 16 7/8" high.  It will be difficult to pack and ship this console, as it is fairly large and weighs about 90 pounds, so I am hoping for pickup.  For $25.00, I will also drive one hour one-way to meet a buyer.  In any case, it would be helpful to email me prior to bidding if you have concerns about shipping it. ATTENTION BIDDERS:  Please click on the “Me” link next to my user id to read my policies on shipping and payment.  If you win this auction, DO NOT select the Pay Now option, but wait for me to send the invoice. I estimated the packed weight for eBay’s shipping cost calculator, but will determine the exact shipping cost at the end of the auction, after the item is packed and weighed precisely with professional scales.