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Fisher 600-T Stereo Receiver

Submitted by on September 13, 2010 – 7:56 pm

We find the most interesting Vintage Fisher. Here is the best deal we found for the Fisher 600-T Stereo Receiver for sale on the Internet.

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Fisher 600-T Stereo Receiver Picture and Description:

 151371805607582940 Fisher 600 T Stereo Receiver

Fisher 600-T Professional Series Stereo Reciver in very good physical condition. One channel works but somewhat harsh, another channel very, very quite. Tuner section working, tuning on stations fine. Volume control scratchy. The receiver has 100W sticker on top. Some specs: solid state, tuner section FM with one tube, 2 phono inputs, 2 aux high/low, switchable speaker impedance, pre amplifier output, power amplifier input. Weight 30 lbs. Made by Fisher in 1964-68, original price $595. Cabinet:on front lettering missing around volume on/off knob and function switch, small pimples on front left side, overall in presentable condition. Recommended for repairs. Sale of vintage electronics without warranty, as pictured.

 151371805607582941 Fisher 600 T Stereo Receiver
 151371805607582942 Fisher 600 T Stereo Receiver
 151371805607582943 Fisher 600 T Stereo Receiver